Digital Dentistry

Computerized Dentistry.

” How will this technology improve our patient’s dental health and lifestyle”

With this thought in mind, we have consistently applied improved digital technologies.

Here at Oral Dental Care we are at the forefront of technological development. With many companies seeking our opinion on the quality of their improved products and their clinical impact, we are at the forefront of computerized Dentistry.

When incorporating the latest of these technologies, we look at several factors.

The impact of this technology on the quality of the Dentistry we are providing our patients.

The consistency and accuracy of this newest technology, and finally its cost effectiveness, and its affordability to our patients.

Our computerized technology in Dentistry has come a long way. There are innovations and new things coming out every day. Some are well needed and improve the quality of dentistry that we are providing by bounds and leaps.

The ones that improve outcomes, convenience and comfort for our patients are quickly offered and incorporated into treatment. 

Guided Implant Surgery


With Dr. Farha’s constant cooperation with some of the best Implant Dental Companies, Oral Dental Care offices were naturally positioned to become one of the first offices to introduce to the general public computer guided implants surgery.

We have worked on improving this technology since its infancy.  We have overseen its growth and have advised the companies to make it more accurate, reliable and dependable and above all affordable.

Guided Implant Surgery: in essence is the combination of 3D imaging and computer designed and computer guided (CAD/CAM) technology.

A 3D image is taken of the patient’s upper and lower jaw. The image is then uploaded into a sophisticated software that allows us to screen the patient’s bone and find the optimal areas for the future placement of one or more dental implants. The bone health and size (both important factors) in implant treatment and selection, is properly evaluated. Implant sizes, sites, locations, angles and depth are properly determined to eliminate any guess work and forbidding any problems or complications.

Sophisticated scans and models are then computer generated with the virtual placement of the implants. One or two computer designed and computer printed guides are made. These guides are used at the time of surgery to quickly and precisely place the dental implants in the patient’s mouth.


Human error is virtually eliminated.

 The surgical time is greatly reduced, sometimes we can place 7-8 dental implants in less than an hour.

We can also design temporary teeth or even final crowns and bridges that are fitted at time of surgery. The patient can literally walk out of the office the same day with an improved and enhanced smile and function.

Our offices have some of the best Simplant Technology software. They are equipped with 3D imaging and we have teamed with some of the best Guide Center in the world to provide our patient with this latest and life improving Dental technology.

Our approach to Guided Surgery is very reliable and predictable. Our experience with the technology has allowed us to make it affordable and accessible and convenient.

Teaming with the laboratories of choice and the Guide Centers have allowed us to bring this technology to our patients at a very affordable price.

Please call and schedule a free consultation to see if Guided Implant Surgery is suited for you.

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