15 Years

16 years and still going stronger The Mini Dental Implant (MDI)

It is hard to believe that exactly fifteen years have gone since Dr Tony Farha (of Oral Dental Care) first introduced the Mini Dental Implant (MDI) to his patients in New York and Philadelphia on FOX news and ABC news The MDI was still a budding promising technology in its early infancy.

The system comprised a series of mini implants that were designed to anchor loose dentures to the patient’s upper or lower jaw. The system was designed to be non invasive and simple. It did not require any large surgery and required minimal amounts of bone. The mini implants were manually advanced in the area where teeth were lost in a quick easy fashion (45 minutes). Once secured in the bone the MDI s would anchor an otherwise loose denture to the jaw. No more fixing materials or pastes, no more loose dentures, no more anxiety or embarrassment from moving dentures. The system was designed to provide denture wearers with instant relief and life changing results in a very affordable matter

Sixteen years later the MDI lived up to its reputation. Patients are raving about the results. Despite the recent economic downturn, in part because of its affordability and the various payment options and packages that our offices offer, the MDI is still in great demands.

As a Key Opinion Leader with IMTEC and 3M the companies that provide the MDI, Dr Tony has strived over the years to introduce new improvements to the MDI. The MDI has grown to become more versatile and patient friendly without any major increases in prices. The MDI remains a cornerstone technology in our Brooklyn and StaFifteen Island offices.  True to his calling Dr Tony continued to improve on his skills and knowledge. He has been recently admitted as an Associate Fellow at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) , a feat and an honor that coronate almost three years of academic testing before the academy. This appointment is solely on merit and bolsters his reputation as a leader in implant dentistry. He continues to lecture on the MDI to fellow doctors and has trained more than 140 dentists in his offices over the last seven years.

Our office philosophy to better serve our community through affordable innovative and state of the art technology remains the same. Swing by for a complimentary visit and get to know our friendly staff and learn more about our innovative implant treatments and financial options.

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