What Are Mini Dental Implants?
By Oral Dental Care
June 14, 2017
Category: Implant Dentistry

If you have gaps in your smile, you may have considered the various tooth replacement options available from your dentist. Dental dental implantsimplants are often considered the most permanent and effective option for replacing your missing teeth. Traditional implants require long healing times and can end up being spread between different dental appointments. However, mini dental implants, available from Oral Dental Care with locations in Miami, FL, and Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY, can shorten these times to save you time, money and effort. Find out more about mini dental implants with Dr. Tony Farha.


What are mini dental implants? 
Mini dental implants are simply smaller in diameter than their traditional implant cousins. This smaller size does not mean lesser quality, as mini implants are also made from titanium alloy. Mini dental implants are minimally invasive, with dentists manually placing them through the gum tissue into the jawbone beneath. This requires only local anesthetic and does not require a full general anesthetic. Many patients describe the mini implants procedure and healing process as pain-free. Additionally, patients may return to work or school the day after receiving their mini dental implants.


What can mini dental implants do for me? 
Mini dental implants can help your smile in various ways. Mini implants are mostly used to hold a bottom denture securely in place. Mini implants can also be used for long-term support of various dental devices. After the successful integration into the jawbone, implants can function within a patient's jaw for many years.


Mini Dental Implants in Miami, Brooklyn and Staten Island 
If you think you could benefit from mini dental implants, you should consult with your dentist at Oral Dental Care to determine if this is the best treatment process for you. Candidates for dental implants require adequate bone volume at the implant site to hold the implants in place and should be in good general and dental health.


For more information on mini dental implants, please contact Dr. Tony Farha at Oral Dental Care with locations in Miami, FL, and Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY. Call 305-665-4448 to schedule your appointment at the Miami location or 718-833-6895 to schedule your appointment at the New York locations today!